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Trap Shooting $50 per 50 round. Shells, clay targets and an appetizer are included.

Take aim at trap shooting to fine-tune your wing shooting skills on our regulation trap field.  
Trap is the oldest and most popular clay target game. Trap shooting's continual growth and expanding popularity is due to the fact that people of all ages and abilities can compete. A squad, made up of five or less shooters, rotates among five stations set up in an arc about 16 yards behind the trap house. Each shooter is required to shoot at the clay target after he calls "pull."  The mechanical thrower—or trap—inside the house oscillates, launching targets at various angles from the shooter. That means the shooter never knows which way the target will fly: straight-away or at any angle to the left or right.


449 Old River Boat Camp Road, Ferriday, Louisiana 71334

(601) 431-2004

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