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Talk about a hunt of a lifetime! This is a TROPHY ALLIGATOR HUNT.  We have many gators measuring over 10 feet, and we sell a limited number of hunts each year to maintain quality alligator hunting for many years to come.
Two professional guides are mandatory to ensure safety and execute proper skinning and processing. Your guides will have all the necessary equipment for the hunt. Our hunts are done from a large aluminum boat. Gators can be hunted during the day or night-time according to hunter preference and alligator behavioral patterns. 

Mississippi rules for all alligator hunting require that the gator be captured before dispatched if the hunt is taking place at night. In other words, you must have a noose around the head, foot, or tail before you shoot him with a gun or bang stick. Capturing the gator is the exciting part of the hunt. You may use a bow or harpoon with a line and buoy attached but the most productive capture method is by rod and reel. We use deep sea rigs with 500 lb. test and a #10 weighted treble hook.  This is a true gator hunt. Set hooks are not allowed in Mississippi. We cruise the water with binoculars to spot the gator and on a typical day we will see 40-60 gators. Once we’ve spotted the gator of choice, we move in for the capture and begin casting the treble hook to snag the alligator.
The hunter may bring along another person to share the experience. They can also assist in the hunt.

We can provide advice on how to mount your gator, tanning options, as well as recommend a professional taxidermist.   The alligator meat belongs to the hunter, but you may also choose to donate it back to Giles Island. The choice is yours. It is very tasty!
When you book an alligator hunt with Giles Island, the hunt includes an alligator between 4-7 ft. However, if you would like to hunt a bigger gator we have many over 12 ft. It is your option on which size gator we capture. Trophy fees will apply to any alligator over 7ft.  To give you an idea of how special this hunt is, a 10 ft. plus gator could be 40-80 years old.



Last Friday in August - Mid September 


$2,000 for a 2 day alligator hunt. Hunt Includes 1 gator 4ft - 7ft, meals and lodging.

Guide Fee $100 per foot 

Chef Gratuity $50 per person

7' - 9'
additional $1000 trophy fee

9' - 11'
additional $2500 trophy fee

11' - 12'
additional $3000 trophy fee

12' - 13'
additional $4000 trophy fee

13' - 14'
​additional $5000 trophy fee

​additional $7000 trophy fee

$400 non-hunting guest fee for meals and lodging during the 2 days. 

$1000 participation fee to accompany hunter on the hunt with meals and lodging included during the 2 days.


449 Old River Boat Camp Road, Ferriday, Louisiana 71334

(601) 431-2004

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